Medicine Hat College in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada, has recently embarked on several innovation projects in the renewable energy sector with the intent of providing students, faculty and the community an opportunity to learn about emerging technologies. Currently, the post-secondary institution has a micro grid at its Medicine Hat campus that includes an electric vehicle charging station, solar panels and wind turbines. Recognizing the growing opportunity in this industry, the college is providing learners a chance to broaden their skills, so they are prepared for tomorrow’s workplace. The EBSCO grant will allow Medicine Hat College to expand its investment and continue its research into renewables at the Brooks campus.

The EBSCO Solar grant will provide the college an opportunity to showcase a creative and functional solar ‘garden’ that will educate students, residents and businesses in the region on how to effectively implement the use of alternative resources. The project will be incorporated into the natural landscape with the help of Built Environment Engineering Technologies and Trades students. Jason Openo, Director of Teaching and Learning at Medicine Hat College Library, says, “I am most excited about the opportunity this grant provides to our Built Environment Engineering students, who will have an authentic learning experience in designing and constructing for the library a beautiful, solar-powered classroom and community space. This literally equips them with the skills necessary to build a new future for our community and our province.”


Absolutely thrilled to be have been part of this project. My role was to pull the right people together. So blessed to work with a group of talented and committed people.