This positive review of our book came out 04 March 2019.

Mulder, D. J. (2019, March 4). Review of Conrad, D., & Openo, J. (2018). Assessment strategies for online learning: Engagement and Authenticity. Edmonton, AB: Athabasca University Press. Tech Trends. Retrieved from

Mulder, D.J. TechTrends (2019).

With a title including the phrase Assessment strategies, you might think that this book is full of how-to chapters that offer nitpicking advice on evaluating students’ learning. You would, however, be mistaken. Dianne Conrad and Jason Openo’s approach takes the reader on a philosophical, yet accessible tour of high-quality assessment options for authentic learning in online spaces.

As an experienced online instructor and course designer, I enjoyed reading the book. The research that went into this book was comprehensive, and it captures a diversity of perspectives related to creating authentic assessments in online learning spaces. While I would not say this book is breaking new ground, I believe I would be welcome in the cocktail party of the appendix. I suspect other readers familiar with the landscape of online learning would feel the same way: while much of the content is recognizable, it is laid out in a way that made it feel fresh, and it invites the reader to join in the conversation. I believe this book might best be suited for graduate students studying instructional design or educational technology, or faculty members who are new to online teaching and learning. They will surely find Conrad and Openo effective tour guides able to call attention to both foundational principles as well as practical applications for incorporating authentic assessments in online learning.

Thank you, David, for such an excellent review.